Whether an organization is an early adopter that tried out new technology as soon as it’s released  or companies that wait for months – sometimes years – before adapting new technology to their environment, regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall (most small businesses are somewhere in the middle), emerging technology engage people as they are constantly discussed in print publications, web seminars, conferences, television, and other sources of information.

Key Differentiators:

Vendor / Technology Neutral: Our focus is building solutions and providing services across those solutions. We are open to work with any OEMs or in any technical environments

Strategic Alliances: Absolute Resolution Technologies has strategic partnerships with all the leading technology manufacturers. These alliances help us serving our clients with multiple choices and reduced cost. Apart from these strategic alliances, we have global tie ups with all leading OEMs (DELL, HP, Hitachi etc.)


Any IT organization gets benefited for substantial up-front and ongoing savings with the help of exclusive consolidating servers, automating processes and simplifying infrastructure management.

Visible benefits are:

    • Increases IT infrastructure resource utilization
    • Decreases complexity and management
    • Enables a vast out-put of new applications with less risk and lower platform costs
    • Build a secure, scalable, and cost effective information environment


Your organization cannot afford to have extended downtime of mission IT critical systems. You need a team to monitor these systems, remediate issues as soon as they arise and keep your technology processes running smoothly.

What we do:

    • IT Monitoring
    • Server & Network Management
    • Workplace Services
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Storage & Database Management
    • Domain & Web Hosting Management
    • IT Modernization